Commercial Towing can Help in Keeping Roads Clear

When huge automobiles are involved in different types of road mishaps, commercial towing companies are the ones that come to immediate rescue offering heavy and light duty towing services. It is very important to clear the roads immediately after accidents that involve loaded trailers, big rigs, motor homes, tankers and various other huge vehicles. This is because these crashes might need additional road closures for cleaning up the mess generated from spilled glass, debris and other products. Vehicle owners generally look forward to having this problem handled without any kind of personal losses. One can also visit tow truck lubbock.

Different Varieties of Commercial Towing Tools

The companies that offer commercial towing services generally remove the involved vehicles from the area by making use of appropriate tools for carrying out the job. There are different varieties of tow trucks used for the job and the most common ones have been described below:

  • The very first variety of trucks used for towing purpose are the boom trucks featuring adjustable boom winches in places where two trucks cannot offer safety back up. In situations when vehicles get stuck in mud or plowed over embankments, boom winches help in pulling out the vehicle safely.
  • Wheel lifts are basically a modern version of hook and chain trucks. These lifts make use of large metal yokes that cradle the rear or the front wheels and hydraulically or pneumatically hoist the wheels above the ground. Wheel lifts do not connect to the axles but to front wheels in front wheel drive trucks or cars and to the rear wheels on the real wheel drive trucks or cars. This tool is also known as spectacle lift as it closely resembles squared eyeglasses.
  • Hook and chain trucks are also called belt lift or sling trucks. These trucks make use of chains looped around axle along with boom winches for positioning the vehicle so that the vehicle can easily be towed on the other axle. Hook and chain trucks have the ability of destroying drive trains on front wheel drive trucks and cars along with scratch bumpers. However, these are still used for the purpose of towing automobiles that have wheels missing or the ones with steel bumpers.
  • Flatbed trucks feature a very flat bed or surface that hydraulically lowers or inclines to the ground for the purpose of winching or driving the vehicle onto it for removing the vehicle from the scene. The entire procedure is known as slide or rollback.
  • Self loaders or integrated trucks are used for removing illegally parked vehicles or for repo operations. These trucks use the wheel-lift and boom approach for the towing purpose.

There are even towing units combining some of the above mentioned features into one for extracting damaged vehicles from different situations.

Rescue during Accidents

There are companies that provide medium, heavy and light duty hauling and they are called to the location by the local police authorities. There are cases where the trucking companies, school systems and municipalities have their very own trucks on call. These institutions have trained drivers along with equipment, permits and expertise needed for towing heavy duty vehicles. Rescues during large accidents are carried out with the help of multiple varieties of equipment and trucks at the accident scene.